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5월 15, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Hair – Min


This is our first participation in Kustom9 monthly event !

New unisex hair ‘ MIN ‘ released @ Kustom9

6 main color packs & 2 regular color pack available.

All items are reduced price in this event. don’t miss them !

plz try demo first :)

5월 5, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Slim Jean

panel_kai_pants_525Matching jeans with open shirt are now out @ TMD monthly event !

4 colors available like open shirt.

Hud for pants length included.

plz try demo first !

TMD official :

TMD SLurl :

5월 1, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Open Shirt



Out now @ Fameshed 3rd anniversary (May 1st) !!

4 colors available & inner texture HUD included.

and there is a gift for Fameshed anniversay.
Don’t miss it !

Matching pants will be released at TMD.
So, plz wait just some days.

Hope you enjoy <3

Famehsed Blog :

Fameshed SLURL :

4월 24, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] Spring Sale !!


Its time to pick up you want !

50% off for all items in main store.
Only 3 days !!

Hope you enjoy <33

SLURL to main store :

4월 17, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Goth Set Gacha


Out now @ Tag Gacha !

– 15 commons

– 2 rares and 1 mystery prize (for this event only)

50 L$ per play

Plz check link if you are not familiar with Tag Gacha

and here’s SLURL for starting point !

Hope you enjoy ! <33

4월 11, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Sweatshirt


punky sweatshirts with graffiti letters are out @ main store !

4 colors available.
HUD for inner shirt and letter option included.

you can check citta wiskee’s great photo series with monso in ferosh released today.
plz check link below:

link for mainstore :

4월 5, 2015 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Horsebit Loafer


out now @ TMD 3rd anniversary event !

4 colors available, for unisex.

You can wear this shoes with / without slink flat feet.

There are hidden gifts in every package for TMD anniversary.

Don’t miss them ! :0


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