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7월 26, 2014 / Morphine Janick

New @ A6D

panel_kikwang_525 (2)

Hello !

We are participating new monthly event named A6D.

2 items out now !

There are TWO locations of goodies for you – yes TWO!

1. First buy an item from your favorite brand at A6D venue

2. Unpack it , WEAR your “Discount HUD” found in the folder and proceed to the brand mainstore to buy the MATCH @ promotional price at LIMITED time only.


plz try demo first !

more details in below link :


link to A6D:

7월 10, 2014 / Morphine Janick

New @ TSS


The Seasons Story just opened !

this hair we released is no hat version of katy hair.

we got some request for this hair :)

try demo first !



July 10 ~ July 31
Don’t forget to this and Hope you guys see there <3 !!

SIM theme is ” Summer Farm “
– Decorate by Bethany Heart ♥

LM taxi : The Seasons Story – { Summer }

7월 8, 2014 / Morphine Janick

New @ TMD



Hello, monso fans !

so sorry for late release.

new sandals are available now @ TMD !

these shoes fit with slink mens bare, womens mid feet.

plz try demo first !


6월 5, 2014 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Hair – Charles @ Mens Dept


Hello, monso fans !

we just released new hair @ mens dept.

some people will notice this hair style looks similar with someone have :)

plz try demo first !

5월 6, 2014 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Fancy Slip On @ TMD


New shoes are available now @ TMD

Do you know The Mens Dept has finally has its own sim ?

Check out new sim and many good stores in it !


The shoes are set of patterns & parodies.

You can choose texture by included HUD.

And its fit with slink bare feet !


plz try demo first !

link to new TMD place below :

5월 2, 2014 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Hair – Nana for Fameshed


Are you enjoying spring?

We released new girls hair @ fameshed.

Cute dango hair for this season.

Visit and check other designers creation in Fameshed !


Plz try demo first :)


TAXI to Fameshed below :


4월 15, 2014 / Morphine Janick

[monso] My Denim Vest



Hello, monso fans ! sorry for late post.

we released new denim vest in 2 events.

mens version is available @ mens dept :

and girls version is available @ TSS :

Shirt changer HUD included.

don’t be confused, they are separated !

Have a good day ! <3


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